400x Microscope Magnification Level with Video Screen Microscope

Can’t see small samples of tiny crawling insects because of your microscope’s very small eyepiece? Why weary when you can have a unique microscope that can perfectly view tiny object into a more readable and clearer angle with Video Screen Microscope.

This microscope is capable of magnifying specimen up to 400x bigger plus you can also record videos on those crawling objects because it also comes with a built-in digital camera, this means capturing images and vid clips is now simpler than using other ordinary microscope around.

With Video Screen Microscope, storing your bits of pieces is easy because it also includes a memory space of up to 128MB expandable if you like so all your captured specimen can be kept for later use.

You want to share your masterpiece with your microscope colleagues? No worries, just don’t forget to use its included USB cable though, just plug and share.. easy right?

Check the rest of The Video Screen Microscope features and functions and browse for other Cool New Gadgets at IT Rush.


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